Streamline Innovations VALKYRIE® H2S Treatment Technology Successfully Deployed for Chevron in the Permian Basin

  • Streamline’s VALKYRIE technology is a green solution for treating sour gas, helping oil and gas producers unlock the value of sour gas assets in an environmentally friendly way
  • VALKYRIE units have been deployed to a Chevron production pad in the Permian Basin and have been operating reliably for four consecutive months

Streamline Innovations, Inc. (“Streamline”) announced it is providing Chevron a solution for treating hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the Permian Basin.

Valkyrie™ 1-Ton Skid in the Permian Basin
Streamline Innovations VALKYRIE™ 1-Ton Skid located in the Permian Basin.

VALKYRIE H2S treatment technology helps oil and gas producers overcome the constraint of limited sour take-away capacity, allowing the operator to produce and sell more oil and gas. Streamline’s technology safely and effectively treats H2S without flaring or injecting acid gas.

We recently deployed Streamline VALKYRIE 1.0 LTPD Skid Units to a Chevron location in Lea County, New Mexico. The units have been operating successfully for four months, helping Chevron develop and produce its sour gas assets in the area.

“Our VALKYRIE technology represents a green revolution for treating sour gas and is a true game-changer,” said Randy Rohlfs, Chief Commercial Officer with Streamline Innovations. “The VALKYRIE solution is a cost-effective, green technology that permanently dismantles the hydrogen sulfide molecule into harmless substances, eliminates flaring and allows operators to unlock the value of their sour gas assets in an environmentally friendly way.”RANDY ROHLFS, CHIEF COMMERCIAL OFFICER

Streamline is managing, servicing, and maintaining the fleet of VALKYRIE units under a Service Agreement, providing a turnkey solution to Chevron.

About Streamline Innovations

Streamline Innovations’ vision is Eliminating Emissions Through Technology. We help heavy industry around the world achieve environmental performance objectives, improve sustainability, and transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

Streamline’s environmentally forward H2S treating solutions help our customers achieve environmental performance by significantly reducing emissions with our green H2S solutions. H2S is present in many industrial processes throughout the world, and our technology can be applied across industries, delivering a sustainable solution that eliminates H2S, a leading cause of human inhalation accidents, corrosion and SO2 emissions, a primary cause of acid rain.

We also believe that achieving climate-improving directives requires data. Creating intelligent systems that operate effectively and efficiently without human intervention is critical to measuring and reducing emissions that harm the environment. We integrate advanced process control, data collection and analytics in our technologies to provide a total solution for customers.

We serve organizations in multiple sectors, including Energy/Oil & Gas, Biogas, Landfill Gas & Renewable Fuels, Municipal Wastewater and Industrial Air & Water.